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Is your business ready to go global?

Through our partnership with Mercadex International, get preferential pricing on a range of services, including assessment of your internationalization potential, targeted support for your team and business intelligence monitoring of your foreign markets.

How do you ensure international success?

The MX™ Approach is a proven, trusted tool that businesses can use to generate leverage and strengthen their presence and performance on global markets. It identifies the aspects you should focus on so your business can:

  • Shorten time to market abroad
  • Improve the risk/reward ratio for your international operations
  • Establish business operations with a long-term vision in mind

The practices, principles and tools in the MX™ Approach will help you take your business global by focusing your decisions, actions and efforts on the progress, profitability and sustainability of your international activities.

Mercadex International and its certified MX™ experts will help you:

  • Discover your hidden international strengths
  • Guide your team in making strategic decisions to ensure your international success (market prioritization and targeting, choosing the best mode of entry, etc.)
  • Develop mechanisms to keep tabs on your foreign clients and competitors