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Press releases

Return of 4.2% in 2012 for Capital régional et coopératif Desjardins

Eighth consecutive increase raises share value to historic peak

Highlights as at December 31, 2012

 Share value: $11.47, up $0.45 since December 31, 2011
 Net income: $53.4 million
 Annual return: 4.2%
 Investments impacting the Québec economyportfolio return: 11.7%
 Other investments portfolio return: 4.1%
 Value of net assets: $1,356.4 million, up 11.1% from December 31, 2011

Montréal, February 13, 2013 – Capital régional et coopératif Desjardins (the “Company”) today released its financial results for fiscal 2012, announcing net income of $53.4 million and a return of 4.2%. Effective noon today, this performance raises per share value to $11.47, a record high since the Company’s inception in 2001.

André Lachapelle, Chairman of the Board of Capital régional et coopératif Desjardins, welcomed these results with great enthusiasm. “This eighth consecutive increase in share value confirms not only the strength of our investment product, but also our recognized ability to invest in businesses that generate concrete economic benefits in the regions,” said Mr. Lachapelle. As at December 31, 2011, per share value stood at $11.02. With the Company’s successful capital-raising campaign of $150 million and its stellar performance, net assets totalled $1,356.4 million, up 11.1% compared with December 31, 2011.

Marie-Claude Boisvert, Chief Operating Officer of Desjardins Venture Capital, the Company’s manager, confirmed the commitment of Capital régional et coopératif Desjardins to home-grown entrepreneurs. “In 2012, we invested a record $237.6 million in Québec businesses. While that’s clearly indicative of the quality of our expertise, it also shows how our investment approach engages entrepreneurs and makes us so unique,” said Ms. Boisvert.

Total commitments at cost amounted to $767.8 million as at December 31, 2012. Including indirect investments by Capital croissance PME and Desjardins–Innovatech, the Company helped maintain 47,000 jobs with over 330 companies, cooperatives and funds.

About Capital régional et coopératif Desjardins

With over 103,000 shareholders, Capital régional et coopératif Desjardins is a publicly traded company managed by Desjardins Venture Capital. With net assets of $1,356 million, the Company contributes to economic development by valuing and nurturing the best of Québec entrepreneurship. Directly or indirectly through partner funds, Capital régional et coopératif Desjardins supports the growth of over 330 companies, cooperatives and funds in various industries spanning all Québec regions. (