Annual General Meeting

As a shareholder, you are entitled to vote at the meeting, in particular to elect three directors.

Annual General Meeting

As a shareholder, you are entitled to vote at the meeting, in particular to elect three directors.

Documentation sent to the shareholders on February 28, 2023

Notice of meeting

Proxy form

22nd General Meeting was held on March 24, 2023.

At that time, three(3) directors were elected by the shareholders:

  • Annie Demers
  • Marinella Ermacora
  • Gilles Mourette

Governance practices

Nominees for positions on the Board of Directors must:

  • Be a shareholder of CRCD
  • Be 18 or over
  • Not be under tutorship or curatorship
  • Not be an undischarged bankrupt
  • Not be prohibited from acting as a director or found unfit by a competent authority
  • Not have been found guilty of offences or criminal acts of fraud or dishonesty
  • Not be or have been an employee or director of an entity or fund that is a competitor of CRCD, within the last three years

In fulfilling their duties, directors are personally responsible for acting with prudence, diligence, honesty and loyalty, within the limits of their powers, in the best interests of CRCD.

In connection with this role, CRCD seeks the following personal qualities in its directors:

  • Analytical skills
  • Independent thinking
  • Political and strategic skills
  • Community outreach
  • Ethical and professional behaviour
  • Understanding of and commitment to CRCD’s mission and vision
  • Team spirit

Directors must comply with the regulations applicable to them, in particular the provisions of the Civil Code of Québec, the Act constituting Capital régional et coopératif Desjardins, the Business Corporations Act and the Securities Act, as well as the policies and guidelines implemented by CRCD.

Directors must have the capacity to help CRCD achieve its strategic priorities through their commitment, through their investment of time and their strategic insight and by promoting the economic development of their region, in particular as ambassadors in their business community and their region.

The group profile describes the skills and expertise sought, individually or collectively, for directors of CRCD, as well as the desired representativeness and diversity within the Board of Directors.

Skills related to the administration of CRCD’s business

  • Understanding of regional economic development issues, particularly in resource regions
  • Knowledge of development capital
  • Knowledge of venture capital
  • Knowledge of business financing
  • Knowledge of capital markets
  • Knowledge of portfolio management or strategies
  • Knowledge of accounting and finance
  • Knowledge of risk management
  • Expertise in business valuation
  • Expertise in strategic planning
  • Expertise in governance, ethics and professional conduct
  • Expertise in law or compliance
  • Expertise in marketing and communications
  • Experience in entrepreneurship
  • Knowledge of Desjardins Group
  • Knowledge of the cooperative movement
  • Experience on a board of directors

Expertise accredited by a professional title or governance training

  • Accounting designation in good standing
  • Chartered Business Valuator designation (CBV)
  • C.Dir (College of Corporate Directors) or ICD.D (Institute of Corporate Directors) designation

Representation and diversity

  • Majority of independent directors
  • Gender diversity
  • Age diversity
  • Cultural diversity
  • Diversity of regional representation

CRCD is a development capital investment fund that issues securities by way of a prospectus and is therefore subject to the Securities Act and certain of its regulations.

In accordance with the Act constituting Capital régional et coopératif Desjardins and CRCD’s Bylaws, the Board of Directors has the general authority to manage the affairs of CRCD. Given that its status implies, among other things, a rigorous compliance and risk management system and public disclosure requirements, shareholders are invited to consult its prospectus and annual information form.

The main duties of the Board of Directors include:

  • Ensuring compliance with CRCD‘s mission, constituting act and any regulation which may be applicable to it
  • Approving broad strategic directions, action plans, CRCD’s policies and the integrated risk management strategy
  • Ensuring that risks with a significant impact on CRCD are managed by the various committees and that corrective measures are monitored when a risk exceeds its tolerance limit
  • Ensuring the quality of the financial reporting and controls in place
  • Adopting a Code of Professional Conduct, policies and effective, efficient and transparent governance practices
  • Ensuring its decisions are carried out and reporting on its performance to shareholders
  • Assessing CRCD’s performance on a regular basis
  • Approving investment recommendations under it's responsibility in accordance with the decision-making process in effect and ensure follow-up on them
  • Ensuring that CRCD’s manager manages and operates in compliance with CRCD’s mission, strategic plan and values, including the directions and targets defined by them, and in keeping with the policies approved by the Board of Directors