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Harness the growth potential of your business

World-class personalized advice and support from local business people.

Harness the growth potential of your small business

Get 100 to 200 hours of premium business consulting for 6 consecutive months. Tap into the knowledge and experience of a team of 70 industry advisors and 15 multidisciplinary experts. You can also access professional services from respected partner firms depending on your needs.

Whether you’re in the pre-investment or post-investment stage, these services come tailored to your specific situation and can help you:

  • Clarify certain aspects of your business plan
  • Prepare your business for the due diligence process (IP, shareholding, compliance, management, financial modelling, operational efficiency diagnosis, etc.)
  • Operationalize your business plan or achieve your growth targets (guidance for management, recruitment of key personnel, marketing, taxation, etc.)