Information Technology Services and Development Capitale-Nationale
Number of employees: 10

Nuutok Entreprise inc.

Through a user-friendly, robust and fully automated IT infrastructure system, Nuutok offers SMBs the integration of IT services into a platform that is locally deployed to its customers and accessible remotely. Nuutok's innovative solutions enable the automation of data backups, network configurations, remote access by mobile devices, client virtualization, software and virtual machine installations and updates such as ERP applications, CAD and others, as well as integrated remote support via VNC.A private minicloud is deployed directly to customers who have full control! Nuutok provides SMBs with all the benefits of traditional data storage and local server performance, combined with the simplicity and mobility previously reserved for the Cloud. The Quebec City manufacturing company, founded in 2015, is growing rapidly. They employ around ten people and plan to double the number of employees by the end of 2019.