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Athlete RMS inc.

Group’s  ARMS® Athlete Records Management System helps sports governing bodies, leagues and teams to protect and develop their human athletic capital. This world class, sport-specific, data-analytics platform monitors and manages athletes’ health and performance for both medical and coaching staff. ARMS HEALTH was designed by sports medical, management and technology specialists, who developed the first comprehensive online, SaaS-modelled, electronic records system focusing on diagnosis, treatment and rehabilitation from injuries. In combination with ARMS PERFORMANCE and ARMS PHYSICAL TESTING it brings together the world’s leading specialists in athlete health, performance and testing to provide a uniquely comprehensive total athlete data solution. The ARMS system is already recording the data of more than 250,000 athletes, 1000 teams and 10 leagues across the world - including NHL, MLB, MLS, ATP and CFL – breathing new life into how data is used to protect their athlete’s health and enhance their performance.